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What if Jesus…

By Cindy Cross On December 3, 2015 No Comments

For the past couple of weeks a song has been running through my head.  It seems that I wake up singing it, I go to sleep singing it and all through the day.  When I hear the chorus of this song, chill bumps run all through me.  That’s how I know when the Holy Spirit is active or wants me to pay special attention to something…chill bumps.  Some people cry, I get chill bumps.  The song is “Jesus in Disguise”1 by Brandon Heath.  The chill bumps really pop out when he sings “Jesus in disguise. Jehovah passing by.”   

So, I began to think about Jehovah…God, creator and sustainer of all things…passing by, walking past at that very moment and then that gets me to thinking about Jesus in disguise.  How many times has Jehovah passed by me because it was actually Jesus in disguise and how many times have I ignored

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